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Stand dem BVB das Aus bevor? Terzić gewährt tiefe Einblicke


Sophia Richter
Sophia Richter
Sophia Richter ist eine erfahrene Kulturjournalistin, die mit ihrem feinen Gespür für Ästhetik und ihrem fundierten Wissen überzeugt.

Borussia Dortmund’s season was marked by challenges in the Champions League qualification and a disappointing performance in the Bundesliga. Despite finishing fifth in the Bundesliga, the team secured a Champions League spot through the UEFA reform, providing a silver lining to an otherwise difficult season.

Coach Edin Terzić reflected on the difficulties and expressed determination for the future. In an interview, Terzić acknowledged concerns about his position as head coach, emphasizing the need for self-improvement. The team’s success in the Champions League was a testament to their resilience, overcoming criticism and doubts.

Looking ahead, Terzić emphasized the importance of analyzing and improving the Bundesliga performance for the next season. He expressed the team’s determination to return to top form, aiming to learn from the season and make the right decisions for the future.

The contrasting fortunes of Borussia Dortmund’s season were evident, with struggles in the Bundesliga and success in the Champions League. The article presents Terzić’s reflections on his experiences and his determination to improve the team’s performance in the future.


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